Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition PS3 CFW

Platform : PS3
Language : Multilingual
Region : EURO
Total size : 7062 MB
Genre : FPS
Release Date : March 13, 2015
Internet Features : Yes
Content of Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition:
- The game Sniper Elite 3
- The 3 chapters of the DLC "Save Churchill "
- 6 weapons packs:
Hunter Weapons Pack
Camouflage Weapons Pack
Patriot Weapons Pack
Sniper Rifles Weapons Pack
Axis Weapons Pack
Eastern Front Weapons Pac
- 6 multiplayer maps 
Night Watch
Outpost Canyon
Lost Valley
- 3 game modes :
The Shooting Range (solo)
Twilight Strike ( Coop mission)
Capture The Flag (Multiplayer )

About Sniper Elite 3:
In Sniper Elite 3, the last chapter of the franchise award-winning, players are in the midst of conflict in North Africa during the Second World War. At the heart of an exotic but challenging environment, face a new enemy more formidable.
Equipped with Tiger tanks and a modern artillery, the infamous German division Afrika Korps surpasses the Allies in men and weapons. Worse, according to the information, the Nazis are developing an improved weapon guaranteeing to win not only the African conflict, but also the war in its entirety.
We must put an end to this situation. You are the decisive element. A bullet can be enough to change the course of history ...
- Spacious and unpublished Environments
Browse open environments up to three times larger than those of Sniper Elite V2.
- Adapt to all situations
Use the sound camouflage and place traps. Disappear in the shadows, and look for the weaknesses of enemy lines.
- New equipment
New diversion objects to high voltage infiltration phases (binoculars, lighter ...)
- Kill Human cam cameras and ultra-realistic vehicles
X-ray Kill-cam greater detail than ever (muscles, circulatory system ...) and a specific vehicle destruction system.
- Intense multiplayer and cooperative modes
5 and extreme competitive multiplayer modes, with medals, decorations and XP points to gain. Also try 2 exclusive co-op modes.
- Customize your weapons
Fully editable new weapons for greater efficiency and discretion.

 Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition
[PART 1] - [PART 2]
File Size : 3.78 GB

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