FERROX 4.66 v1.00 (BD Edition)

Developer Alexander over at OpenModding.net has released FERROX 4.66 (BD EDITION) CFW, marking one of the first CFW releases since yeterday's Mandatory 4.66 Official Firmware update from Sony. This is a Standard CFW for Consoles that have a working BluRay Drive. The developer says a NOBD Edition amongst other firmware varieties will be coming soon. You will find the usual CFW patches found in most Standard CFW Releases in 4.xx. All the details can be seen in the Translated Release Notes found below. USE THIS CFW AT YOUR OWN RISK

RECOMMENDED: [It is recommended that, after a successful installation of custom firmware, run:
Settings> [System Settings]> [Restore Default Settings]. (From the XMB)
Restore File System (Recovery)
Rebuild Database (Recovery)

WARNING: If you want to use PSNpatch 4.66.01, you have to remove all sorts of Spoof, worth softbreak

Built on an OFW 4.66
Disabled the CoreOS and control ECDSA
LV1: LV2 patched to remove protection
LV1: patched CoreOS Hash Check (prevents brick consoles downgradate not dehashed)
LV1: Peek & Poke
LV2: Peek & Poke
Compatibility PS2
Compatibility PSP Remastered
Compatibility PSP Minis
Key 4.66 (4.66 EBOOT start games with keys / sprx)
PSN / SEN Enabled.
RSOD Screen Bypass for consoles suffering from RSOD
PS3 BT Remote Patch
PS3 BluRay DISC patch
Compatibility with the latest version of REACTPSN
App_home / PS3_GAME *
Install Package Files *
Ability to Downgrade from OFW 3:55 with QA on.
Upgradeable to any CFW's
Support InGame XMB ScreenShot Feature
Supports Remote Play Feature
Stability as nell'OFW 4.66
Ability to downgrade from any custom firmware with QA on.

PS3 Models Tested
CECH 2004A - Tested and working.
CECHG04 - Tested and working.
CECHL-01A - Tested and working.
CECH-2501 - Tested and working.
CECH 2504A - Tested and working.
CECHC-04 - Tested and working.
CECHL04 - Tested and Working with IrisMan 3:33. (Thanks Sniper)

MD5: 9DE5268B07C652ACC2F81645DE0CDE23
How to download :
Wait 5 seconds and click “SKIP AD”

If you do not own a Hardware Flasher, it's best to wait before installing a new CFW release As brick reports happen in first couple of days.

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