Ferrox DualBoot 4.66 FW

Alexander is back with another 4.66 Release following his FERROX 4.66 CFW, this time around the developer has released FERROX - OFW 4.66 DUALBOOT. This is an OFW for CFW user's. What this does is allow you to install this OFW to play your disc games safety on PSN, but will allow
you to return to CFW allowing. So if your are a CFW user and you want an added protection against a PSN ban. Then using your original disc and a Dual Boot firmware if the way to go see the Translated release quote below.

FERROX DUAL BOOT OFW 4.66 (Only for owners of Custom Firmware)
Disabled ECDSA in LV0 (isoldr)
Disabled ECDSA in SPU PKG (spu_pkg_rvk_verifier)
No function for CFW's enabled
No QA FLAG Enabled
Stealth * (size as nell'OFW 4.66) From an idea by HABIB.
Download Ferrox DualBoot 4.66 FW 
How to download :
Wait 5 seconds and click “SKIP AD”

Please remember that all of this has been made ​​possible thanks to the discoveries of HABIB. Most thanks go to him and after we Ferrox Team.

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