PES 2015 Paraguay Patch V0.1 for PTE Patch 4.0

Download PES 2015 Paraguay Patch for PTE Patch 4.0

This patch replaces the PES15 fake PLA League, for the Paraguayan league known as "División de Honor".
It's still on BETA version so some stuff is not finished yet.

*Compatible with Data Pack 2.00 and KONAMI Patch Version 1.02.00
* Compatible only with [PES15] PTE Patch 4.0 (Offline)
* Renamed PLA League to "Division de Honor".
* Full 2014-2015 correct teams and players.
* Correct tactics and some transfers.
* Real managers for all teams.
* Correct stadium names, banners and rivals.
* Added fake Cup and Supercup: Copa Tigo-Vision Banco and Supercopa de la APF (Paraguayan league doesn't have those).

Some stuff is still missing or not finished so i'll put this just you guys to know...
* Real managers picture for teams.
* GK kits for some teams.
* Commentator names for all teams.
* Kit colors for all teams (in-game displays colors that doesn't match)
* Some other things that I can't remember.

IMPORTANT:I have the [PES15]PTE Patch 4.0 and I only tested this patch using theirs, so I can tell if it'll work along with other patches like PesGalaxy.

1º Copy the files PES 2015 Paraguay Patch.pk and DpFilelist.bin into your PES "download" folder. In my case C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2015\download
2º Copy the file EDIT.bine into your PES "save" folder. In my case C:\Users\GDNA7\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution soccer 2015\save
3º Open the game and see how it works.

Patch Download
DpFilelist.bin Download
EDIT.bin Download

How to download :
Wait 5 seconds and click “SKIP AD”

NOTES: Make a backup of your DpFilelist.bin and EDIT.bin files, so if you don't like the patch you can restore your edition changes.
If you have another mods or patches installed on your PES, you'll have to edit the file DpFilelist.bin and make sure you put the PES 2015 Paraguay Patch.cpk righ after your PTE Patch 4.0 main files or it could not work.
Here's an example of how I have my DpFilelist.bin:

[Image: Captura_zps2sd7ayfd.jpg]

Hope you guys like my work, i'm new in all this and some things are not too good (kits are not muy pride actually), but still wanted to do it because I like this stuff.

-Thanks to-
PTE Team for their awesome PES15 patch, you guys do a great job!
NemanjaBRE for this basic (I guess) PES Kit Making Tutorial
The tool creatos: Baris for his DpFilelis Creator, the guy who created Dino Editor 2015, 1002 for his File Explorer, CPK File Manager creators and many other people who helped me that I dont remember right now.

[Image: ce5eb5388856532.jpg] [Image: 44124e388856574.jpg] [Image: 3e6489388856619.jpg] [Image: 4e1c50388856660.jpg] [Image: b28fac388856702.jpg]

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