Team Editor Manager 2015 v1.5 beta by lagun-2

supported platforms
version 1.3 General Features:
Edit the file .bin:
- CompetitionEntry.bin
- Player.bin
- PlayerAssignement.bin
- Country.bin
- Team.bin
- Ball.bin
- Boots.bin
- Stadium.bin

- Reading of all teams in the files
- Image Preview
- Change team name (auto change for all languages)
- Change short name
- Change home stadium
- Change country
- Change ID (teams)
- Export team list as .txt, .ini, .csv
- Import team list as .txt, .ini

- Export Emblem list as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico
- Search Team on PSD
- Remove Fake teams names
- Add new team
- Add new national
- Auto-create logos teams
- Change name to the logo

- Type of team

- Change the license of a team
- Change the license of a coach

- Reading of all players in the files
- Change player's name
- Change shirt name
- Change ID (players)
- Change Goal Celebration
- Change nationality, height, Weight
- Export player list as .txt, .ini, .csv
- Add new player

- Add Structure League (Team Created)

- Reading of all countries in the files
- Export country list as .txt, .ini, .csv
- Import country list as .txt, .ini

- Reading of all boots in the files
- Change the boot name
- Change the material
- Change the color
- Change ID (boots)
- Preview image
- Export boot list as .txt, .ini, .csv
- Export image as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico
- Search Boot on FOOTBALLBOOTS and Footy Headlines

- Reading of all balls in the files
- Change the ball name
- Change ID (balls)
- Preview image
- Export ball list as .txt, .ini, .csv
- Export image as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico

- Reading of all stadiums in the files
- Change ID
- Change stadium name
- Export stadium list as .txt, .ini, .csv
- Export image as .png, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .ico

Extra Features:
- Utility: player database with id (PES 15), teams (PES 09 PES 15), stadium id (PES 15)
- auto unzlib/zlib file - Pes 15
- Auto delete EDIT.bin (option file with BACKUP)
- Auto dds convert
- Backup files

- Check for updates
- Special characters
- Uppercase letter and lowercase letter
- Copy/Paste
- Zlib/Unzlib (Pes14, Pes15)
- Decrypt/Encrypt (Pes14, Pes15)
- Support forum

Export formats: PNG, bmp, jpeg, gif, ico

Other Changes:
- New Design
- Improve the tool
- Fix bugs

- Fix bugs
- Fix add player/s
- Fix add team/s
- Leagues and Cups
- other...


1 - first, you must configure

2 - change what you want

3 - when you want to save

4 - when you are close the tool, there is this folder on your desktop

5 - Now, you create a new archive .CPK with CRI PACKED FILE MAKER
6 - Finally, you need to upgrade DpFileList,use this program (DpFileList Generator)


How to download :
Wait 5 seconds and click “SKIP AD”


Designed and developed by lagun-2
auto unzlib/zlib by sxsxsx
Team ID (pes 09 to pes 14) by Albiore
Player ID's:?

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