Ferrox CFW 4.70 No Blu-Ray Edition Arrives

After the release of Sony's official firmware 4.70 we have seen many updated apps and a few custom firmware releases, one been Ferrox 4.70 for retail PS3 consoles. After the release some members were wanting a NOBD (For PS3's with broken Blu-Ray drives) version of the custom firmware and we are delighted to say that here it is. Developer Alexander kept true to his word and released CFW 4.70 NoBd Ferrox.
- Including all features in standard version of Ferrox.
- CFW NoBd. Console can be installed on card with Logica Rotta. The Homebrew and games will work again.

- Installed either by XMB or Recovery. If you proceed by Recovery remove any CD from the PS3.
- After installation enter Recovery and rebuild the file system to prevent any malfunction.
- Games tested Gamesonic Manager 3.59.2 . Some games may require conversion to ISO.
- By installing this CFW Console player running, it will be NOT running. CFW installed a "Standard" and return to work.

Download: CFW 4.70 NoBd Ferrox
MD5: 80E4F5C1830205013F80AA068AD24782
Source: openmodding.net

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