Gamesonic Control fan utility v3.06 4.70 CFW Support

Gamesonic Control fan utility v3.06 - Now with 4.70 CFW Support Orion has made an update to the GameSonic Control Fan Utility, this utility for controlling your internal fan speed to keep your PS3 cooler was originallybased on Estwald Original Fan Control which has served be a very good utility for PS3 CFW user's as well as this fork. However, we suggest
you to try and use the Dynamic Fan Control in webMAN and webMAN MOD plugins. It's takes less resources and can be a better solution. but you can't go wrong with either utility as both will do the job of cooling your PS3, which is vital in keeping your PS3 lifespan strong (Especially in Older Model PS3 Consoles which are prone to overheating) View all the details of this update by Orion below.

Changelog v3.06 - GameSonic Fan Control Utility

  • Added Payload 4.70
  • New detection method CFW

Update: Changelog v3.07
  • this is a little fix for CFW 4.70
Download: Gamesonic Control Fan Utility 3.07

Source: GameSonic.it - via Orion (PSX-Place)

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