PS2 HDD Adapter Western Digital Mod

This little mod will allow you to plug in a Western Digital IDE hard drive into your PS2 Network/HDD Adapter which would normally not fit, as they are a little wider than other brands.
This is an attempt at plugging in a WD HDD, as you can see the Molex (Power) is short by about 3-4mm.

These are the tools you will need, a 5mm tipped Philips screwdriver, a 00 tip Philips screwdriver and a pair of fine nose pliers, I list these as this is what I used, you might be able to do it with just a 3mm Philips screwdriver and the pliers.

Remove the 6 screws as seen in the photo and remove the back plate, it is very thin so try not to bend it.

Remove the 6 screws seen in the photo as well as the small plate under the Molex, don't worry too much about the Molex getting loose, it is soldered in pretty tightly.

Using the pliers, carefully flatten out the far edge of the back plate to the left of the Molex as seen in the photo, this will give just enough wriggle room for your WD drive to fit & then reassemble the adapter.

It should look like this, notice you leave out one of the back plate screws.

These last 2 photos show the drive in the Adapter, it is still a very tight fit, but it is going to work. Don't forget to set the drive up in your PS2 first with HDLoader before using it with WinHIIP.

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