Download CFW 4.75 FERROX V1.00

Program: CFW 4.75 FERROX V1.00
Developer & Source: ’Alexander’ of Open Modding
Details: This release followed after Alexander’s release of  OFW 4.75 FERROX DualBoot from a few days ago. Note: You cannot install a CFW  if you are on OFW 4.XX.

Download CFW 4.75 FERROX V1.00

  • [It is recommended that, after a successful installation of custom firmware, run:
  • - Restore File System (Recovery)
  • - Rebuild Database (Recovery)
  • So, you will have a clean installation and you'll be fine. (Thanks to franci97 & SonyForever)
  • Built-based OFW 4.75
  • Disabled the CoreOS and control ECDSA
  • LV1: patched to remove the protection LV2
  • LV1: patched CoreOS Hash Check (prevents brick from the console downgrade not dehashed)
  • LV1: Peek & Poke
  • LV2: Peek & Poke
  • Compatibility PS2 Games
  • Compatibility PSP Remastered
  • Compatibility PSP Minis
  • Key 4.75 (start games with keys 4.75 EBOOT / sprx)
  • PSN / SEN Enabled.
  • RSOD Screen Bypass for consoles suffering from RSOD
  • BT Remote PS3 patch
  • PS3 BluRay DISC patch
  • Compatibility with the latest version of REACTPSN
  • App_home / PS3_GAME *
  • Install Package Files *
  • Ability to Downgrade from OFW 3:55 with QA activated.
  • Upgradable from any CFW's
  • Support XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature
  • Support Remote Play Feature
  • Stability as nell'OFW 4.75
  • Ability to downgrade from any custom firmware with QA activated.
  • Disabled Cinavia
  • CECH 2004A - Tested and Working. (Thanks Mizio)
  • CECH 2004b - Tested and Working. (Thanks Mizio)
  • CECHG04 - Tested and Working. (Thanks SNK)
  • CECHH04 - Tested and working (Thanks [/ url] littlebalup)
  • CECHL-01A – Tested and Working.
  • CECH-2501 – Tested and Working. (Thanks REIZA72)
  • CECH 2504A – Tested and Working.
  • CECHC-04 – Tested and Working.
  • CECHL04 – Tested and Working 
  • CECHL04 WebMan MOD v1.42 (works)
  • CECHL04 Mamba PRX Loader (NZV) (Works)
  • CECHL04 VSH PRX Loader (Unofficial) v1.11 (works)
  • CECHL04 SEN Enabler v5.8.3 (works)
  • CECHL04 GameSonic ControlFan 9.3 (works)
  • DEAD OR ALIVE 5 (Works)
  • FAR CRY 4 (works)
  • Kingdom Hearts Remix 2.5 (works)
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse (works)
  • Dragon Quest Heroes (works)
  • Disable any spoof (to avoid brick)
  • Remove any disc from the player GOCO (to avoid updating an OFW)
  • They are the basics, but it’s better remember!
How to Install
You have to install this CFW like all other cfw. 

1. Download the file e rename it in "PS3UPDAT.PUP"
2. Put the file in a KeyUSB in this directory "PS3/UPDATE".
3. Put the KeyUSB on your PS3.
4. From XMB in "Settings" you can find the option "System Update", use it for installation. 

To run your games:

1. Download "Mamba AutoLoader" latest version for 4.75.
2. Install and run in your PS3 holding down X. You can hear a beep and the ps3 will reboot.
3. Now you can use mmCM to run you games (NOTE: mmCM and not MultiMAN)

 WEIGHT: 195 MB (205,111,285 bytes)
MD5: 6ADE146697DB3089A71510480C66D42D

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