GameSonic Manager v 3.69.1 – CFW 4.75 Compatible

Version: v 3.69.1 – fully functional on CFW 4.75
Developer & Source: ’Orion’ of GameSonic

Download : V 3.690
Download : V 3.691
Boys after just one hour of work can give you the start of the payload mamba on CFW 4.75 by Gamesonic Manager.

Changelog v3.69
Added payload mambas for CFW 4.75 CEX by nzv
New code to install the payload mamba in the memory of the PS3
The payload mamba is no longer compressed lz.bin but now is a simple file bin, this will reduce the startup time

Changelog v3.69.1

Payload mamba updated with the latest Developer nzv (Thanks to nzv for advice)

First install the version 3.69 and then 3.69.1 for the complete manager

Thanks to
Aldo Vargas, Estwald, Habib, evilnat, joonie Rancid-0, Deank, Matsumot0, nzv

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