PS3 System Software Update 4.76 Released

Just over a week after the release of Rebug 4.75.1 SONY has released another mandatory OFW update.
This release comes with the same generic changelog we’re all used to by now:
“System software stability during use of some features has been improved.”

Magic: SCEUF
Firmware: 4.76
Image Version: 65514
Sections: 9
Hdr: 656 bytes
Data: 206277972 bytes
version.txt: 5 bytes
license.xml: 308615 bytes
update_flags.txt: 5 bytes
ps3swu.self: 5668832 bytes
vsh.tar: 10240 bytes
dots.txt: 3 bytes
update_files.tar: 194539520 bytes
spkg_hdr.tar: 81920 bytes
ps3swu2.self: 5668832 bytes
MD5sum: BF0563DC7D3450945D080A15A64D876D
Warning: This is Official Firmware
Do Not Install over CFW or you’ll lose your ‘jailbreak’.

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