The Sims Complete Collection [2.09 GB] PC

The Sims Complete Collection adalah kumpulan semua koleksi dari game The Sims pertama,termasuk The Sims dan 7 Sims Expansion Pack yaitu :
The Sims Livin Large
The Sims House Party
The Sims Hot Date
The Sims Makin Magic
The Sims Superstar
The Sims Unleashed
The Sims Vacation

Minimum requirements

Windows 98 and up, 233 MHz Pentium II or faster, 64 MB RAM, 4x or faster CD-ROM drive, DirectX 6.0-compatible sound card and graphics card


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 File Size : [1 GB + 1 GB + 9 MB]

How to Install :

1. Open the 'start.exe' and follow on screen instructions.
2. When a serial code is needed, use the following: EQMV-73XB-F8J4-GSLX-4M67
3. You're prompted to register. Choose "Register later".
4. Now, open the "# Crack" folder in this .rar file and drag & drop the "Sims.exe" to exactly:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\The Sims     and choose "REPLACE" on the pop-up that appears, telling
you the file already exists.
5. Start the game and... ENJOY playing!

Note: After installation, you'll automatically have all of the following expansions:
The Sims: Livin' Large
The Sims: House Party
The Sims: Hot Date
The Sims: Vacation
The Sims: Unleashed (Pets)
The Sims: Superstar
The Sims: Makin' Magic

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